Want to Learn the Basics of Recording? CreativeLive Has a Recording 101 Online Clinic for You Newbiews

I’ve linked to several CreativeLive recording classes by now, featuring highly sought-after engineers like Kurt Ballou, Steve Evetts, and Eyal Levi. As someone whose skillset sits nestled in the frustrating gray area of “not an amateur, but can’t earn a living doing it full time,” I’ve found the tips incredibly useful.


But what if you are an amateur? Maybe you have no idea what phase cancellation is, or what areas a hypercardioid microphone rejects. Does the knee knob on a compressor have you baffled? If so, maybe you need to start from the beginning.

Enter Zach Varnell, and CreativeLive’s “Intro to Home Recording” clinic. On July 9th from 9am to 1pm Pacific time, Zach will touch on all the fundamentals: the basics of mic placement, working with virtual instruments like drum machines and synths, etc. So if you want to varnish your newbie into a highly refined ruby, register for the free live viewing at this location. Or if you want to purchase “anytime access,” it’s a mere $19.

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