EXODUS “Salt the Wound Drum” Playthrough by Tom Hunting

Richmond, CA’s Exodus have no doubt had their problems along the way. With various line up changes, 2 hiatuses and even deaths making up their long history, it’s impressive that they’re still around. What’s even more impressive is that they have stuck to their guns since their inception in 1979. Where their peers of the thrash metal scene of the 80’s have bent towards a more commercial route, Exodus have remained balls to the wall thrash, never compromising their aggressive trademark sound. While other bands were releasing ballads and making a play for more radio friendly hits, Exodus kept it heavy and violent.


Their most recent release (Blood In, Blood Out) showed the band reuniting with Steve Souza and continuing to churn out brutal riffs and aggressive songs in the same manner as previous efforts. It even showed a reunion with original curly-haired, wah-wah-loving guitarist Kirk Hammett on the track “Salt the Wound” which drummer Tom Hunting showcases in this live drum playthrough. Give it a watch.

Tom has been in and out of Exodus twice since initially joining the band, but he looks comfortably at home though in this playthrough. His open-handed heavy hitting style is exactly what the band needs in order to stomp along at the pace in which they do. This dude hits hard and takes no prisoners, even for a gentleman who is the age of a thrash veteran.

Obviously with Gary Holt playing for Slayer, Exodus might be sometimes put on the back burner, but from this live video it doesn’t look as though they are suffering for it. Expect a new release from the thrash masters at some point in the near future. Also expect Holt to be on it as recently Souza was quoted as saying an Exodus release without him would be “sacrilege”.

Get ready for, ahem, BLOOD, I suppose.

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