STL TONALITY Will Putney Amp Sim Review (Feat. Justin McKinney of THE ZENITH PASSAGE/Ex-THE FACELESS)

In case you’re unaware, Will Putney is not only a member of Fit For an Autopsy, but he’s also a prolific metal producer/engineer. Having helmed albums for bands like Northlane, Every Time I Die, Body Count, and Thy Art is Murder, he’s certainly an authority on what guitar and bass sounds are good for heavy music.


Which is why STL Tones tapped him to curate the tones for their newest amp sim plugin, STL Tonality Will Putney. It’s got sims of four guitar and one bass amp, four guitar and one bass cab, an external IR loader, 3 pedals (OD, delay, reverb) and a killer parametric EQ.

And it sounds





I won’t go too much into detail here because we shot an extremely in-depth video, which you can see above, on the subject, demoing and discussing the plugin at length with my friend Justin McKinney, guitarist of tech-death wunderkinds The Zenith Passage and formerly of The Faceless. So mash that play button so you can hear this thing in action already!

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