Cab Pack 5 for Axe-FX Is Out Now: Get Ready to Simulate 412s in UltraRes

Fractal Audio just released a new Cab Pack, numbered 5, which focuses on UltraRes 412 cabinets. If you caught the Summer Gear Guide that we hosted on CreativeLive, the Fractal rep went into detail about how the UltraRes impulse responses replicate the low end of a cabinet much more accurately. What I wasn’t aware of until that class is that these IRs are available to all Axe-FX II units running the latest firmware, not just the newer XL models. You can view it that segment, among others, for free here.


Here’s a list of the cabs and microphones that were modeled. Kudos to Gear Gods review collaborator Kevin Antreassian (of Backroom Studios fame), who was responsible for capturing some of these. To learn more about Cab Pack 5, or order it, head to Fractal’s store. It’s currently selling for $30.



  • 4×12 5153, Based on 5150III® 4×12 Straight Cabinet
  • 4×12 Citrus, Based on an Orange™ PPC412
  • 4×12 Lerxst, Based on a Mojotone Lerxt 4×12 (Greenbacks)
  • 4×12 Mills, Based on a Mills™ Afterburner 4×12
  • 4×12 Recto, Based on a vintage Mesa™ Rectifier
  • 4×12 Recto New, Based on a Mesa™ Standard Rectifier
  • 4×12 TV, Based on a Marshall™ 1960TV
  • 4×12 Uber, Based on a Bogner™ Uberkab™
  • 4×12 Broderick 5153, Based on 5150III®
  • Bonus: 1×4 Pig, We’ve included a few cool Pignose IRs.
  • Bonus: 1×12 TripTik, Based on a Carol Ann TripTik with a Scholz Classic speaker.


  • Shure™ SM57
  • Audio-Technica™ AT4047
  • Royer™ R121 (“Rev” indicates the back of the mic.)
  • Sennheiser™ e906 and e609
  • Shure™ SM7
  • Beyerdynamic™ M160
  • Sennheiser™ MD421
  • Sennheiser™ MD431
  • Neumann™ KM184
  • Neumann™ TLM 170
  • CAD™ Equitek E-350
  • Audix™ i5
  • AKG™ C414
  • Audio-Technica™ 4050
  • Shure™ KSM141
  • Audix OM2 and 3-Zigma Chi were used on a few IRs.
  • “KA” indicates Kevin Antreassian “signature” IRs.



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