NAMM 2014: Ben Weinman’s Signature ESP with an Evertune Bridge

The coolest thing at ESP, besides their first-ever American guitars, was that they have a couple new signature guitars featuring Evertune bridges: one from Unearth’s Ken Susi and one from The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman. I completely love that Ben’s BW-1 LTD guitar is a semi-hollowbody, because you find all these companies with such a narrow view of what constitutes “metal gear.” In fact, as I went around the NAMM floor I eventually stopped introducing Gear Gods as a website for “metal” or “heavy” players because of all the gear they’d skip over. Sometimes a Fender Twin is exactly the amp you need on a metal record, you know?


Anyway, as I was saying the standout feature of Ben’s guitar is the Evertune bridge, which unlike the digital tuning solutions from Peavey or Line6 is a completely mechanical solution. And it works incredibly well. Watch as Ben moves that tuning knob all over the place without effecting the pitch.

I’m curious if the cavity of Ben’s LTD leaves enough room for his custom wireless solution. I’m assuming so.

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