Atala takes us through their rig for stage and studio on this episode of Rigged! They’ve got a new album called Labyrinth of Ashmedai coming out January 26th on Salt of the Earth records that you can pre-order right here – if you’re brave enough!

Frontman/guitarist Kyle Stratton says,

“The gear I use is really important to my sound. I have my Gibson SG modified for drop C sharp tuning and installed Lace Sensor Pike pickups. Through my pedal board, I have an Electro Harmonics Freeze pedal, a Electro Harmonics 720 Looper, and a Boss Digital Delay, to my splitter. After my splitter, one side goes to an Orange 50 watt Rocker Reverb MK III amplifier dirty channel with massive gain and no reverb. The other side of the splitter goes through an Electro Harmonics Big Muff then to an Orange 50 watt Rocker Reverb MK II amplifier. This amp is also on the dirty channel with a bit less gain and some reverb to add coloring. Each amp goes through its own Orange half stack with Vintage 30 speakers.  My rig is an extension of my soul.”

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