NOCTULE’s Serena Cherry Runs You Through “Labyrinthian” Riffs

Noctule, the new solo project headed up by Svalbard guitarist and vocalist Serena Cherry, will release its debut album Wretched Abyss on May 28. We’re here to show you exactly how kickass the record is, and how kickass Cherry is, with her new playthrough of the single “Labyrinthian”.


“Labyrinthian” uses both a PRS S2 35th Anniversary Edition and a Jackson Soloist SLS MG, both running into the Neural DSP Archetype: Nolly and through Logic Pro X.

Here’s what Cherry had to say about the song and Noctule overall. Pre-orders for Wretched Abyss are available through Translation Loss, Church Road Records, and the Noctule Bandcamp page.

“The year is 2020, I find myself unemployed and stuck inside due to national UK lockdown. This situation calls for two things: playing lots of guitar and playing lots of PS4. I started recording a black metal album in my bedroom, under the name Noctule.

“This musical project is inspired by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as I was clocking up hundreds of hours on this game at the same time as writing these riffs. This song in particular is inspired by my favourite dungeon in the game – the nordic ruins of Labyrinthian. In my previous bands, we have always written together in a room – so it was a huge learning process for me to get stuck into Logic Pro X and construct songs by myself. I loved the process, it was so creatively liberating!”

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