NAMM 2015 – ASHDOWN ENGINEERING B-Social – For Bass Players With a Social Life

Our home skillet Glenn Fricker has it in for bass players, as I’m sure you know, and I bet he’d have a thing or ten to say about the new Ashdown Engineering B-Social. First, it has two inputs for two bassists to jam together (two bass players in the same room? What’s the opposite of a Mensa convention?), wireless unit for cable-free jamming (we’re letting them roam free now?) Bluetooth for streaming music from your device (they can’t even navigate 4 strings, what makes you think they can use technology?) and a USB audio interface for recording to any DAW (why, so we have to listen to them too?).


Luckily, Glenn’s not here to say those terrible, mean things about our friends in low basses. And I for one think this is an awesome tool, much like Blackstar’s Bluetooth hybrid amp/home stereo that was also revealed at NAMM this year (both companies are owned by Korg so that makes sense). Anything that makes it easier to jam is a tool you should consider owning, as playing by yourself is great, but nothing helps you to improve more than playing with others.

Here’s more info on the B-Social:

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  • I’m sure it’s nice and sounds great but ultimately will become another expensive toy that very few will actually use.

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