How To Record Heavy Drums, Part Zero – With Glenn Fricker

I’m gonna start with the best and funniest idea Glenn lays down in this video: People complain that recording live drums is too expensive, but still want to charge full price for their album. Ha!


Recording real live drums is crucial in achieving not just a good, heartfelt sound, but also a unique one. Anyone has access to Superior Drummer, Slate Drums, Drumagog, BFD, etc. but unless you’re the first motherfucker to use those samples on a release, it’s not going to sound like you. 

I ain’t hatin, I use samples all the time. But in a mix with a real live sweaty girlfriend-stealing mongoloid smacking buckets with microphones on them. Authenticity, homie.

Here’s Glenn with a more radical view on how to record heavy drums:

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