Watch MASS WORSHIP Play Through Dissonant Single “Orcus Mouth”

We’re premiering Mass Worship‘s insane playthrough of their single “Orcus Mouth,” which frankly is a little terrifying. Watch as Fred Forsberg and Gustav Eriksson shred their way through a song that sounds like Meshuggah and panic chords got thrown into a blend that’s currently on fire. In other words, it rules.


Mass Worship recently released their new album Portal Tombs and you can check that out here. As for gear, Fred and Gustav use the following.

Fred (Left)

  • Guitar: Solar A.1.6 ATG Baritone
  • Amp: Peavey 6505
  • Cabinet: Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4×12
  • Pedals: Boss TU-2, Boss NS-2, Boss MT-2, Hall of Fame 2 Reverb

Gustav (Right)

  • Guitar: Solar V1.6C
  • Amp: Mesa Boogie Mark V 90w
  • Cabinet: Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4×12
  • Pedals: MXR M300 reverb, Fortin Zuul, Fortin Grind, Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MKV, Boss TU-2

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