Watch EVIL INVADERS Shreds Through “Die For Me”

If you haven’t checked out Evil Invaders new record Shattering Reflection, here’s an excellent place to start – watching Joe and Max absolutely rip through the single “Die For Me.” It’s got everything from epic leads to neck-breaking riffs, and of course some finger-hurting shred thrown in for good measure.


Evil Invaders released Shattering Reflection on April 1. Grab a copy here.

“I’m very satisfied with what we achieved on Shattering Reflection,” said guitarist and vocalist Joe of the new record. “We’ve created a very versatile and surprising album. Because it had been so long since we released anything new, we had a lot of demo material to choose from and I think that’s what made this record so interesting. We had the time to experiment with the songwriting, arrangements and vocal lines. Also the collaboration with Francesco Paoli as a producer was really cool. We managed to truly give the songs a unique vibe.

“It feels like we’re at the start of a new chapter for the band and I’m excited to hear people’s reactions to the new stuff! It was a long and heavy process, but it was totally worth it!”

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