NAMM 2015 – UNIVERSAL AUDIO Jumps In the Amp Sim Game

Universal Audio is primarily known for their interfaces that combine high quality hardware preamps with software emulation to simulate classic pres. A great deal cheaper than buying 10 different vintage analog preamps to try each one in your vocal chain, to be sure.


Now UA has jumped in feet first to the world of amplifier modeling, and something else I’ve looked for for some time – acoustic guitar IRs for your piezo pickup. The new Wood Works plugin allows you to pick from a variety of guitar body styles (concert, dreadnought, orchestra, etc) to spruce up your dull, spanky sound coming straight from your output. Fishman makes a pedal version of this same kind of technology (the Aura Spectrum), but this is the first time I’ve heard of a plugin version.

They’re also modeling  Tube Screamer, Big Muff Pi, and ProCo Rat pedals in such a way that the impedance is also emulated when you plug into the Hi-Z plug on the Apollo. You can use these pedal sims in front of their new officially licensed Friedman amp models, which emulate the Friedman amps and cabs with a plethora of mic modeling options.

Check out this and other new stuff from UA in the video below:

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