Meek Is Murder Will Rip Your Fucking Face Off

One of my favorite bands going today is Brooklyn’s Meek is Murder. Their sound is consistently distinct and uncompromising, a terrific blend of hardcore, math-y licks, and dirty blasts, and they’ve been steadily releasing EP’s and albums on a yearly basis.


So I was excited to hear that the band went into the studio earlier this year with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations in Baltimore. Last summer we interviewed Kevin, who has manned the console on some of my favorite metal records of the last few years, including releases by Mutilation Rites, Noisem, and Full of Hell. Although I’ve loved the music that Meek is Murder has recorded with great engineers like Kurt Ballou, I knew that Kevin would be a refreshing match for the band – particularly because he has a bit more experience recording more out-there, experimental hardcore music than the band’s previous collaborators, like last year’s fantastic Full of Hell & Merzbow.

The band has released a new song, “Onward,” as well as a brief in-studio clip via Noisey. Check it out below:

The Onward EP comes out on May 5 via Rising Pulse records, in a split along with the band’s previously-released EP, Into the Sun.

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