Metal Engineers, Don’t Sleep on Working Class Audio’s Billy Anderson Interview

A couple weeks back we shouted out Matt Boudreau’s Working Class Audio podcast, a free, interview-based podcast for audio engineers. The now-weekly podcast covers a number of topics about audio, but what’s so great about it is the way Boudreau focuses on gaining the perspectives of a vast number of producers and engineers on actually making music work for a living. So it’s not at all a purely tech-y show – quite the contrary, actually, the show is far more about things like client relations, managing budgets, and making recording music as a practical pursuit.


The current episode is of particular interest to our community: the featured guest is metal engineer extraordinaire Billy Anderson. Billy’s been cranking out records for over twenty years, manning the boards for a wide range of bands including Cormorant, Sleep, Mr. Bungle, Pallbearer, Eyehategod, and many, many more. Boudreau and Billy have been friends and colleagues for years, so this interview is particularly special – in addition to chops, the conversation is actually a great little primer on recording history in Los Angeles in the last two decades. Billy also dishes some dirt on his brief stint in the Melvins, including playing some shows with Rush. Check it out below:

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