THE WORLD IS QUIET HERE Release Dual-Guitar Playthrough for New Single “White Sun” Featuring Ivan Chopik

On the heels of their newest single “White Sun” dropping late last year, we’re thrilled to premiere this new dual guitar playthrough of the same proggy, tech-death track by midwest progressive metal act The World Is Quiet Here. We’ve covered TWIQH here before, and with good reason, as the midwest 5-piece has entered a new ferocious era with a new singer and new vibe. Sit back and enjoy guitarists Isaac Stolzer-Gary and Ethan Felhofer doing what they do best, only right here, on Gear Gods!


From the onslaught of techy riffs and hooky choruses to the ambient classical guitar interlude accompanied by the ridiculously versatile pipes of singer Lou Kelly, “White Sun” has a little something for every fan of modern metal. And while Stolzer-Gary and Felhofer hold down the intense, demanding guitar parts for the over 6-minute-long track, the barrage of notes is ultimately balanced perfectly by a ripping guest solo from Ivan Chopik of JIA, Fatherdaddy, Ex-Painted In Exile. Coined “magically sleazy” by Kelly, Chopik’s solo brings all kinds of feel, shred, and stank to the table to fully round out the song. Also, bonus video points to our very own Trey Xavier and Connor Gilkinson who filmed and edited this very performance! 

If this playthrough weren’t enough, the band has previously announced that “White Sun” comes off their upcoming full-length album, which is set to release in late-2022. You won’t want to miss what the band has in store for the rest of the year, so be sure to follow TWIQH on Instagram andFacebook to keep up with everything coming down the proggy pipe.

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