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He didn't Scale the Summit so much as he remained at the base of it for this playthrough.

Supergroup featuring Baptists, ISIS, and Russian Circles crushes it live.

Thus the era of "Acadjenta" begins.

Dragonforce proving once again that they are more fun than your band.

It's studio, but also live. But also studio. But also, live.

Oleg Zalman plays through a sci-fi-black-metal track off Labyrinth Constellation

No Patrick, Mayones is not an instrument. It's the KING of instruments.

Megadeth's golden age drummer made that band truly great.

Ex-Beyond Creation bassist's new project is as tech-y as you all hoped!

Ibanez went full-dynamic-angle in this clip.

Bonus: They included the vocalist in the playthrough. Double-bonus: ruminations on the nature of a playthrough. Triple-bonus: I type the

This demonstration of a guitar fretted in quarters is

Evan's got something a' Brewering.