Chris Letchford Plays Guitar At The Base of a Giant Rock Formation

One of Scale the Summit guitarist Chris Letchford’s favorite pastimes, besides traveling through art history, is playing the guitar in front of a backdrop of beautiful landscapes. For decades, metal bands (and particularly guitar virtuosos) have embraced “epic” imagery as the visual style underpinning their musical output. Chris takes this theme, and time and time again delivers an ocularly pleasing guitar playthrough.


It’s no different this time, with “Earthen,” another tune off Letchford’s 2014 solo record, Lightbox. Here we see Letchford at the base of a cool ass rock formation, alongside a stream. I do wish Letchford would add a bit of the diegetic sound from each of these locations in the future. For now, make dew (lol):

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.