All Signs Point to A New Chris Letchford Playthrough

Chris Letchford tried to heed our warnings about filming more playthroughs in front of green screens. Last time, Chris put him on Santa’s lap. This time, he filmed a playthrough for the song “Sign of Four” in a sharply lit, yet dark room, thinking that he had gotten away with murder. Unfortunately for him, the lighting reminded me of the statuesque work of the 19th century French painter Jean-Léon Gerome. So I put him into La grande piscine à Brusa (c. 1885).


Moving on: even though I have not sat and actually listened to Scale the Summit stringslayer Chris Letchford’s new solo album Lightbox, I’ve seen and heard about it. I’ve experienced it. And I continue to experience it. The frequency and variety of playthroughs that these guys do (remember, Letchford once shredded at 11,200 feet along the continental divide in Pagosa Springs, Colorado) makes for a cool little way to experience their music. I don’t know about you, but I actually prefer to see and hear this kind of music, so I am down with this trend.

He’s also going into Gerome’s The Snake Charmer (c. 1870). Who knows what Orientalist painting Letchford will show up in next!

new jean-leon-gerome-snake-charmer-1870 copie


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