Chris Letchford from Scale the Summit Is in Playing Dangerously with “The Star Boys”

You may not be aware that Scale the Summit guitarist Chris Letchford has a solo record, Lightbox, that’s due out on July 15th. And I have to hand it to him, most of the decisions involved with the endeavor seem to have been good ones. For instance: take a look at the musicians Chris snatched up to back him. There’s the drum and piano percussion ensemble from The Reign of Kindo, Steve Padin and Daniel Pizarrio. On bass not only will you hear Scale the Summit’s Mark Michell but also Evan Brewer, he of The Faceless and a couple of his own jaw-dropping solo records.


In fact the only poor decision Letchford made is to film himself atop a green screen for this playthrough of “The Star Boys.” The internet being the vile hellhole that it is, I’m kind of afraid of what some clever graphic artist will superimpose our innocent guitarist over. All I did was put him on Santa’s knee, but things could go so much worse.


But while we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, we can at least enjoy this guitar playthrough of a track from Lightbox, titled “The Star Boys.” To hear more, preorder the record at Chris Letchford’s Bandcamp or website.

And for an added bonus, here’s another playthrough of the song, by bassist Mark Michell.

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  • This sounds like the music you hear in behind the advertisements on cable access channels. Sorry but while I completely appreciate his talent as a player, this music is just hell for my ears.

  • I love me some jazz but this is not good. Sounds like he just started listening to jazz. Very amateur hour if ya ask me.

  • Oh Jesus this is terrible. Sounds like bathroom music at Braum’s.

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