Heavy Metal Cover of Meghan Trainor’s “Lips Are Movin” – u jam?

Like the rest of you, I am a HUGE Meghan Trainor fan. Despite the fact that her songs appropriate/steal from traditional bossa nova and latin melodies, I unironically jam to “Lips Are Movin” and of course “All About That Bass” is (maybe?) a great empowering tune (?!)


Now I KNOW you guys are not sick of metal covers of pop songs at this point, so I thought you’d dig Leo Moracchioli (sick last name, I wonder if it’s a stage name though)’s cover of “Lips Are Movin.” Check it out below:

Moracchioli actually has a bunch of pop-goes-metal covers, including songs by Salt N’ Pepa, Rihanna, and more, all with zany basement-humor music videos. I wish I could say that only in Norway do you get shit like this, but that’s a fucking lie. I wonder if this trend will ever die – it’s almost a subgenre at this point. Check em out:

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