I’m typically unmoved by gimmicky instruments in metal, unless they are used for an express creative purpose – like Colin Marston’s use of Warr guitar in Behold the Arctopus. And microtonal music, as a general concept, has also failed to grab me in my musical explorations yet. I’m open to it, but I’m of the school that there’s endless expression in 4/4 time and non-modal music.


So for me, this new playthrough from the YouTube user MicrotonalMetalMaster, didn’t do much. I mean, it’s cool to see someone trying something new, sure. In this video, the Master plays a guitar fretted in quarter steps, and writes riffs that mostly use 3/4 steps. He also plays every instrument, which is also commendable. But man, the riffs just sound like the same generic Meshuggahcore/djent that we’ve been hearing for the last ten years across every mainstream metal genre. I’m ready for the Microtonal Master to blow me away, I am – but this doesn’t do it.

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  • I think this is more challenging.. or more “metal” if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtfIfMe1rYU

    • The solo is awesome, reminded me a little of Morbid Angel !

  • But i believe metal would benefit more from a 432hz tunning… it’s naturally heavier…

  • Unfortunately, I feel his intention to do something challenging with the current state of metal doesn’t pay off and the arrangement is to blame. Instead of proving his point, it sounds more like a kid who has been playing guitar for 6 months and has very limited understanding of how to compose a song.

  • Aside from the section where he’s doing the octaves , he’s not even making noticeable use of the quarter tones. Even that section can be done by just bending the notes. I like the idea but it’s not executed well.

  • this guy really loves that low string

  • Music is sound. This sounds like shit. The end?

  • Get an actual guitar player on that thing, man!

  • Maybe if you give someone like luc lemay that guitar he might do some more interesting things

  • Do you even fretless, bro?

  • Damn another 7 string player that only uses 3-4 of em! And is he going for the I’m asleep look haha foreals it looks like he crashed out half the video. It’s sad but this sounds better than 80% of the crap out there, is that a good thing?

  • I think it sounds like shit. No other way to put it.

  • The beginning sounds like Kashmir.

  • You can already achieve small distinction variations of a note by how hard you press the fret. This sounds like a guitar tech is needed, because it just sounds funky and off like the intonation needs to be addressed,… but then why give yourself the headache of that process with a microtonal guitar when you can correct a regular one and just learn how to fret appropriately to achieve the desired inflection of the note.

  • Two words – Last Sacrament.

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