I’m typically unmoved by gimmicky instruments in metal, unless they are used for an express creative purpose – like Colin Marston’s use of Warr guitar in Behold the Arctopus. And microtonal music, as a general concept, has also failed to grab me in my musical explorations yet. I’m open to it, but I’m of the school that there’s endless expression in 4/4 time and non-modal music.


So for me, this new playthrough from the YouTube user MicrotonalMetalMaster, didn’t do much. I mean, it’s cool to see someone trying something new, sure. In this video, the Master plays a guitar fretted in quarter steps, and writes riffs that mostly use 3/4 steps. He also plays every instrument, which is also commendable. But man, the riffs just sound like the same generic Meshuggahcore/djent that we’ve been hearing for the last ten years across every mainstream metal genre. I’m ready for the Microtonal Master to blow me away, I am – but this doesn’t do it.

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