MURDER METAL: TALES OF THE TOMB Slaughter Us In This Exclusive Playthrough Premiere of “Dyatlov Pass Incident”

Psychological horror metal, you say? YES you heard right. Edmonton-based death metal duo Tales of the Tomb are making their mark in the riff conjuring community with this exclusive playthrough premiere of “Dyatlov Pass Incident,” taken off the band’s self released EP entitled Volume Two : Mendacium, out now!


This track is a monster, full of schizophrenic riffs played on a sick Ormsby Goliath that remind me of a modern take on the Cannibal Corpse or Entombed style, and the playthrough showcases guitarist Trez Thomas’ insane precision. Lyrical themes revolve around conspiracy theories and serial killers, so forget binging that crime documentary this weekend and listen to TALES OF THE TOMB instead!!

From Trez:

I’m excited to release this play through which we filmed in the old music store here in Edmonton called Axe Music, which used to teach guitar in before it closed. We filmed this on one of the last days Axe Music was open after all the gear had been cleared out. The play-through features all the gear I use for Tales Of The Tomb; my Axe-FX Ultra and Ormsby Goliath GTR.

Check out the wicked album art:

As always, show the guys support and give them a follow on their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Remember folks, stay brutal and KEEP ON ROTTING IN THE FREE WORLD.

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