BRUTAI – Live-In-Studio Drum Playthrough By Mathieu Bauer

London’s Brutai are a groovy bunch, and the backbone of that groove is Mathieu Bauer. A lot of young players these days are relying on cut-and-paste and mimed playthroughs (I ain’t hatin’, I’m just statin’ the facts) but not Mathieu. At just 22 years old, he’s got the confidence to do a live, uncut playthrough in the studio – it’s kind of sad that that’s exceptional these days, but it’s some weird times we live in.


I like this kind of playthrough – Mathieu is relaxed, hitting all the parts effortlessly and with feeling – all the intricacies and dynamics, but still heavy. The kit sounds natural but still punchy, and the cinematography is varied but not distracting. I’m holding this as the new standard in drum playthroughs.

Modern Drummer thought it was so good that they actually premiered this video. That says a lot, don’t you think?

Check out the song below, and get more info on Brutai here.

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