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Thrown undergarments soon to follow.

I wanted to share this with you so his performance isn't just Meinl, it's yours-l.

"Execution/Don't Save Me" is the song this time.

Because really, who would want to see that. Instead, he just plays the fuck out of the drums.

Live playthrough videos are the best playthrough videos.

Well, well, well, you just can't tell. Well, well, well Mark Michell.

Straight from Romania to your-brain-ia

Smooth mid-song mixer and laptop moves, Jason.

Drummer Danny Moncada has single stroke rolls to spare in the fourth track off of the album Last Poem /

It's a selfish man that won't see the joy in celebrating others

Unfortunately the band doesn't cover mediocre '90s Rush songs like I had hoped.

You will, however, have to keep waiting for "Arctic Flower." That one's still thawing.

Seriously, I know you have a lot of bpms, maybe even all the bpms, but edits per minute aren't as