GREAT AMERICAN GHOST Takes The Reins In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “POWER THROUGH TERROR”

With the release of their latest album Power Through Terror back in February of this year, hardcore metal act GREAT AMERICAN GHOST have just come through with this exclusive guitar playthrough of the title track by guitarist Niko Gasparrini! If your blood wasn’t pumping before this, it’s about to be, so sit back and hold on for dear life!


Right off the bat, Niko dives into some max-level aggressive riffs that will have you opening up a circle pit in your bedroom and crowd surfing around the house. The guitar tones are absolutely filthy (thanks to Will Putney for producing the record, so you know this shit is gonna BONK). As stated in their press release, “The band direct old-school hardcore wrath at hypocrisy, delivered in a dark cloud of relentlessly bludgeoning riffs”, and we absolutely couldn’t agree more. The guitars are mean as can be, the drums are tight and monstrous, and the vocals are absolutely ferocious. Well done, gents!

Be sure to pick up Power Through Terror here, as well as to follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for all the riffs you can handle.

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