Mike Portnoy Has ANOTHER Drum DVD Coming Out

Last week, we were excited to hear that ex-Dream Theater tech-drumming icon Mike Portnoy was set to release a drum cam DVD for every song on the Metal Allegiance supergroup album in October. Now, I know Portnoy isn’t one to ever slow down (unlike many people in his position and stage of career, it seems as though he’s always drumming and touring – with new bands, young bands, and projects like Metal Allegiance), but it’s pretty crazy that he’s following up that DVD with another drum cam DVD that same month, for his other supergroup, The Winery Dogs, with Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan.


I hadn’t been aware of The Winery Dogs, but from the sounds of “Oblivion,” they’re pretty sick. Richie Kotzen really is a talented songwriter, and maybe a bit underrated given his lengthy and varied career. The music is pretty decidedly not metal, but some of those riffs are sick, man. Whew. Kotzen is the man.

Check out Portnoy’s drum cam below. This dude really loves his GoPro:

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