The Weekly Riff – “Oneironaut” by Existential Animals Guitarist Mark M-R

Midwestern tech-deathers Existential Animals recently dropped their debut EP, Surrealith, and the thing smokes. It’s the exact kind of music that Gear Gods readers should love: equal parts intricate composition, interesting melodic phrasing, neverending riffs…. and groove. Get on this.


We reached out to lead guitarist Mark M-R (whom you may know as Dave Mustein, longtime contributor to our Daddies at MetalSucks) for help in breaking down one of the particularly dense tracks on the release, “Oneironaut.” Not only did he send along a playthrough for one of the licks in the tune, but he’s even tabbed and notated the damn thing out for you! Get ripping.

Mark adds,

In the song, the harmony plays every time this riff plays. In this demonstration, I’m playing the left guitar on the first 4 bars and the right guitar on the next 4. I’m playing an Ibanez RGD2127FX with a Bare Knuckle Aftermath in the bridge and a Cold Sweat in the neck through a POD HD Pro.


Get your hands on some Existential Animals tracks here.

Oneironaut Groove



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  • Mark’s the man! Killer riffage.

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