Periphery’s Juggernaut Documentary “JuggerDoc” Trailer

Well, I have heard both of Periphery‘s new Juggernaut albums, and I can tell you that they are really spectacular. Songwriting, performances, and production are all at full steam and there is very little filler. This is a band at the forefront of their genre, at the top of their game.


So what does it look like for such a unit to enter the studio to record an imprint of their essence? Luckily, they are far from secretive when it comes to their production, and in that spirit of openness apparently filmed the entire process. The below trailer for JuggerDoc: The Making of Juggernaut shows what we can expect from that experience – some insight into their writing, recording, and mixing, the band’s philosophy on music, and a taste of that signature silliness.

I’ll try not to fangirl too hard but I CAN HAZ EXCITEBIKE?!?!!!!

Juggernaut is out January 27, pre-order it here.

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