Start Your Week Off Right with Sylosis Live-In-Studio Footage

Sylosis is rapidly becoming one of my favorite neo-thrash bands for a great many reasons, including but not limited to: Josh Middleton‘s killer vocals and guitar work, great songs that are ripping without being annoyingly over-technical, and a kind of intangible authority they convey with their performances.


Speaking of their performances, Nuclear Blast has kindly uploaded these sick live in the studio videos of the band killing it on some songs from their brand new album Dormant Heart. I love this kind of thing because it’s like a live video, but with the best possible production. There’s always a compromise in audio quality when recording a live show (although the energy is typically better) that you don’t have to make with a studio performance.

Anyway, I’ll shut up and let Lumberjack Josh and the boys take it from here.


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  • ‘To Build A Tomb’ was definitely my favorite of the three. Something about the eerie sounding guitar riffs and those drums, always. I’ve always enjoyed these guys!

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