Sylosis Guitar Lesson – How to Play “Mercy”

Sylosis are feeling merciful today, and instead of just thrashing you into pieces like you deserve they want to show you how to do that to others, like they deserve. So, if you’re feeling like dishing out some pain yourself, this tutorial on how to play their rockin’ track “Mercy” might be just what the doctor ordered.


It’s sort of a more 70’s style vibe that they’re dishing out in this song, and the outro is positively doomy. There’s lots of cool implied chords against the open string pedal tone and two note shapes that are easy enough to play, but work to create a very particular atmosphere. I think this is a good choice of song to exposit, because it’s probably one of their simpler ideas and not such a burner, but bringing it up to speed is enough of a challenge to make it worth your while for sure.

Honestly, I personally really want Josh to do a screaming tutorial, because his vocals just hit all the right spots for me- just the right amount of brutal and honest, still intelligible and clear but metal as fuck. He clearly knows how to teach, as you can see from the video below and on his YouTube channel where he has other tutorials, so here’s hoping!

The track comes from their still-sleeping album Dormant Heart, due out sometime early 2015. You can pre-order the record here.

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