Ask and Ye Shall Receive! Josh from Sylosis Vocal “Tutorial” Video

This week we posted a Josh Middleton guitar tutorial for a Sylosis song, and at the end of the article I mentioned that I wanted to see some tuition related to his vocal approach as well. As they say – ask and ye shall receive! I have no idea if he actually saw my comment, or if it was a crazy coincidence, but I’m happy to present this video:


Now it’s not exactly what I was looking for. I’d really love to hear him let rip with no track or guitar, and maybe do a couple of the different sounds that he does, but this looks like just a taste of things to come. It’s cool if he can’t really explain how he does it. If we can even just hear his voice, with nothing to obscure it, the intuitive among us will be able to imitate it without a conscious understanding of what’s going on. But, as he explains in the vid, he doesn’t have an ideal place to do a demonstration without law enforcement potentially getting involved.

So, it’s certainly a start. Be sure to watch the vid and ask for more, because you know what they say…..

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  • Actually I’d been harrassing him on twitter, facebook and his youtube videos for months, and I wasn’t the only one, hahaha! Josh is awesome.

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