Aborted Drummer Ken Bedene Plays Fast, Has an Ambiguous Stance on the Undead

What exactly is the “Necrotic Manifesto?” Is it a propaganda piece to sway our minds, convince us that our flesh would serve us best were it to rot off of our bones? Or is it a warning? Should we fear an oncoming onslaught of shambling lepers and walking corpses?


Or is it Aborted’s new album? Well, it may be all three. Without easy access to a lyric sheet I’m adrift in a word without meaning. Fortunately it’s also a world with grinding… you know, on the drums, not on a dancefloor…. because if you were grinding in a club and also necrotic then imagine the layers of putrid skin piling in heaps on the ground, like so much cheese through the grater and onto your nachos.

So here’s Aborted drummer Ken Bedene playing “The Extirpation Agenda” (what is it with these guys and their agendas and manifestos?) live at DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

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