THERAPHOSA Endure In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “Stigmata Of The Purest Pain”

Hailing all the way from France, progressive/groove metal trio THERAPHOSA have been gearing up to release their debut album Transcendence on April 24th via Season of Mist! The band has working tirelessly on this release ever since their self-titled EP from 2018, and now guitarist/vocalist Vincent Dubout is here with an exclusive guitar playthrough for the track “Stigmata Of The Purest Pain”, only right here, on Gear Gods!


If you’re a fan of the heavy, sludgey goodness that is brought to you by bands like Gojira and Mastodon, you are gonna be in for a treat here. This track is all about the groove, and Vincent marches onward riff by riff with ease. The thunderous low-end and powerful vocals also help lift the song and bring it to a whole other level that is sure to please many fans of heavy music.

From Vincent:

“I’m using a 1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom with EMG Pickups (81 in the bridge / 60 in the neck) through an EVH 5150IIIS EL34 and an EVH 4×12 cabinet. The tuning I use is Drop B, from low to high : B – F# – B – E – G# – C#.

String gauge is 011 – 064, which I achieve by making my own custom mix of D’Addario Strings. I use an EXL125 set (046-036-026-016-011-09), from which I remove the 09. Then, I use a single 064 for the low B and use the rest of the EXL125 set for the five other strings.

In the end what I have is, from low to high :

As far as pedals go, I use a MXR Smart Gate to help control the high gain of the amp in a live situation, a BOSS TU-2 tuner and a Fender Marine Layer Reverb, the latter being in the effects loop of the amp and toggled on and off using the EVH footswitch.”

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and their website, and be sure to pre-order Transcendence here before ithits the shelves on April 24th.

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