Exclusive: Red Fang Proved to Be a Bunch of Faking Liars in this “No Hope” Video

So it turns out that Red Fang are a bunch of phonies. They contacted us about premiering this “No Hope” playthrough video, but I’ve scrutinized it a few times and I think it’s a fake. It was hard to pinpoint exactly what was wrong at first, but after checking with the lab techs we figured it out…


One of the guys is wearing an Unwound shirt. And I know for a fact that I’m the only person in the world who likes Unwound. So yeah, fake.

Red Fang’s album Whales and Leeches is out now on Relapse, if you’re the type to pick up an album from a bunch of liars.

Or check them out on tour in Europe with The Shrine and Lord Dying. If they’re wearing Thought Industry or Anacrusis shirts on stage then you know that they’re faking it there too.


14.03.14: Germany Köln Essigfabrik
15.03.14: Belgium Hasselt Muziekodroom
16.03.14: France Paris Divan Du Monde
17.03.14: UK Sheffield Corporation
18.03.14: UK Manchester Sound Control
19.03.14: UK Glasgow Classic Grand
20.03.14: UK Birmingham Institute Temple
21.03.14: UK London Islington Academy
22.03.14: Netherlands Eindhoven Effenaar
23.03.14: Netherlands Nijmegen Doornroosje
25.03.14: Germany Hamburg Knust
26.03.14: Sweden Gothenburg Truckstop Alaska
27.03.14: Norway Oslo John Dee
28.03.14: Sweden Stockholm Debaser Strand
29.03.14: Denmark Copenhagen Pumpehuset
30.03.14: Germany Berlin Lido
31.03.14: Poland Warsaw Basen
01.04.14: Austria Wien Arena
03.04.14: Germany München Backstage
04.04.14: Germany Leipzig Taeubchenthal
05.04.14: Germany Stuttgart LKA
06.04.14: Germany Wiesbaden Schlachthof

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  • Could we please get a Rig Rundown with the gear used in this vid?

  • Aaron’s wife was Unwound’s drummer.

  • Even in Portugal we loved Unwound. You’re not alone in this World!!

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