ULRICH WILD Announces Galaktikon Mixing Course via PRO MIX ACADEMY


Grammy-nominated producer Ulrich Wild has been working in the realm of rock and metal for over 20 years. With bands like Deftones, Pantera, Slipknot, and Limp Bizkit under his belt, it’s probably safe to say there’s a fair chance the guy knows what he’s doing. Combine his experience with Pro Mix Academy founder and producer Warren Huart (Korn, Aerosmith), and you’ve got yourself a recipe for something pretty damn cool. The two have decided to release a mixing course that takes us through Wild’s recent work on Brendon Small‘s 2012 solo album Galaktikon. Brendon Small (for those of you who may have been living under a rock) is the founder and creator of such wonderful projects like Dethklok and Metalocolypse. Okay, yeah, now this has to be amazing.

Through Pro Mix Academy’s online platform, the Mixing Metal Course is designed to educate users on techniques and concepts that have been used by professionals for mixing rock and metal. With Wild’s experience, the course covers topics like mixing aggressive vocals, balancing punchy drums, and controlling walls of distorted guitars and bass. There are also loads of insider stories and details that make the process all the more valuable.

Let’s be honest, there are a ton of recording and mixing resources on the internet nowadays. Everybody in the music industry has an opinion to share about something, and it can be way too easy to drown in a sea of chaotic, contradicting information. While this may be the case, what’s awesome about the Mixing Metal Course is that it’s is backed by industry professionals who have accumulated years of real-world knowledge. All the information they care to share is packed up in a convenient, user-friendly format that completely caters to educating the user.

The course itself can be purchased at three different price points to fit your specific budget. The Core Content is just $57, the Pro Bundle is $77, and $297 gets you the VIP Bundle. All bundles come with Wild’s breakdown of a mix, tones of multitrack WAVs, a license to use your mix on a resume/website, and an exclusive interview with Wild. If this is everything you’ve ever wanted, head to the Pro Mix Academy site and get mixin’! You can aslo check out a snippet from the Mixing Metal course here, regarding some pretty sweet vocal effects.

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