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Guitarist Jason Volpe and his GoPro take you for a headstock ride into the ear canals of madness.

No surprise that every musician Marty picked for this project turned in an incredible performance.

*Not to be confused with "Bjorn Strong," the Swedish bodybuilder.

To quote our comments section, the man "sweeps like a f#cking janitor."

Yes, I intended to type "sentimetal." It's a portmanteau.

For a word as fun to say as "Chon," it sure is hard to come up with a good pun

But just to be sure we're running each frame of footage through our Ruth Scanner 3000.

Come on guys, if you couldn't make it last forever then at least chop four seconds off of the running

His solo record comes out in a month, but you can watch him as well as bassist Mark Michell perform

Spencer Prewett makes use of "finger switch blasting" to stay ahead of his band's extreme tempos.

I've also said that if you're going to mimic something, do it how Bates would do it. Words to live

Trust me, videos of yourself hanging out with Erik Rutan are very difficult to fake.

And that spectrum spans somewhere between azure and cyan, apparently.

Hive been waiting, for a girl like you, to come in to-oooo my life.