Chon Drummer Nathan Camarena is Chon Top of the Beat in This “Puddle” Drum Cam

Chon hit my radar recently, and I was like, “hey, you broke my radar.” You know, because I had never heard of them but when I did I liked their music and then….


Nope, can’t do it. I tried to start this post out with some levity and failed, because watching these dudes live makes me irrationally angry. So let me ask you, to see if I’m alone here: what’s wrong with Chon’s live setup? Look at where the guitarists are standing… yup, both of them are one side, and the bassist is all by his lonesome on the other. Why would you do that? Maybe if one guitarist was the frontman, but Chon are an instrumental group. Do they care nothing about the stereo spread? The band is still mainly playing smaller clubs where a majority of the sound comes from the amps on stage, aren’t they? What the hell, guys?

Oh, by the way, this is a drum cam video of Nathan Camarena, performing the song “Puddle” at The Concourse in Knoxville, TN on June 12th. It’s pretty rad. That’s the kind of info I would have given you up front had my OCD not been flaring up to maximum irritation. Thanks, guys.

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  • When I saw them in Lawrence they actually had the best sound of any of the bands. Maybe whoever was working the board that night was a god, but I noticed zero issues with the stereo field.

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