EBONIVORY Burst With Light In This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough Of “Explosions After Dark”

You may remember Australian prog metal act Ebonivory from this dual-guitar playthrough we premiered earlier this year for their song “Persist”. While many bands have had to cancel tours and shows recently (including Ebonivory’s upcoming US run with Caligula’s Horse being put on hold), the band has barely wavered as they are preparing to release their newest record The Long Dream I, which hits digital shelves on June 5th via Wild Thing Records! To help keep the hype train a-movin’, we’re pleased to present this exclusive guitar playthrough for their newest groovetastic track, “Explosions After Dark”, only right here, on Gear Gods!


About the track and the gear he’s rocking, here’s what Louis had to say:

“‘Explosions’ is by far one of the funnest songs to play live. Compared to some other songs in the Ebonivory catalog, to be able to relax a little and just sink into the riff and the groove makes it an absolute stand out to us on stage. Playing in Drop G, having the Ormsby’s is an absolute lifesaver. The extended scale on the low end of our Hype GTR’s really allows us to ensure good tone and tension while maintaining some slinkiness on the higher strings for solos and such. Along with that, all of our tones are courtesy of the Fractal Axe FX 2 XL. The sheer ease and ability to access nearly every tone we could ever need is just incomparable to us. Of course, we would love to use 1000000 heads and cabs and pedals, but if we can get 98% of the way there on all of them in one box, I’m not here to argue!”

You can pre-order The Long Dream I here before it drops on June 5th, and be sure to follow these dudes on Facebook and Instagram.

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