EBONIVORY “Persist” And Conquer In This Exclusive Dual-Guitar Playthrough Premiere

As they prepare for their upcoming first-ever US tour in support of Caligula’s Horse this May, Aussie tech-metal act Ebonivory are here with a new dual guitar playthrough of their track “Persist”! Released in July of 2018, this song showcases the band’s knack for punchy-yet-melodic riffs and soaring leads. It’s a song that will have you boppin’ your head from start to finish, and guitarists Jake Ewings and Louis Edwards are here to make sure you enjoy every second of it. Check it!


About the track and their gear, Louis had this to say:

“’Persist’ is one of the most nostalgic Ebonivory songs for us to play, as it was originally composed for our high-school metalcore band, Persist, Prevail. As with all Ebonivory tunes, ‘Persist’ maintains the technical aspects of “prog” and filters them into a song that is enjoyable for musicians and casual listeners alike. All three string-men in the band are playing Ormsby Guitars; an Australian manufacturer based in Perth. Ewings’ and Louis are strumming Hype GTR 7’s while Connor slaps a BassGTR 5 string. The Ormsby multi-scale necks allow for an incredibly tight low-end, coupled with some thick strings (10 to 72) to ensure stability when playing in drop G. All of our recording and live processing occurs through Fractal Audio’s AxeFX II XL, which has always provided us with the unmatched ability to build tones with whacky effects routings that are perfect for recording and live usage.“

Be sure to catch these dudes on the road in May and to check out their sick tuneage here. Dates and deets below:

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