Yngwie Malmsteen as Nick Fury in: “Overture,” the Playthrough

For a man whose memoir is titled Relentless, Yngwie Malmsteen sure knows how to execute a dramatic pause. Watch with anticipation mounting in your lungs in those brief moments before the assault of neo-classical sweeping.


All of this and more can be found in Yngwie’s “Overture” playthrough. I assume by the title that the song contains the leitmotifs that reoccur throughout Relentless (the 2010 album that I’ve never heard, not the book from a few years later that I’ve never read), and those motifs are “Yngwie sounding like fucking Yngwie.” Never stop, good sir. The world needs a hero such as you.

If you want to see these riffs unleashed live, alongside similar six-string assaults by Uli Jon Roth, Gary Hoey, and Bumblefoot, the Guitar Gods tour is burning down a city near you…. assuming you live near a city that its coming to.

Source: Guitar World

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