Yngwie Malmsteen as Nick Fury in: “Overture,” the Playthrough

For a man whose memoir is titled Relentless, Yngwie Malmsteen sure knows how to execute a dramatic pause. Watch with anticipation mounting in your lungs in those brief moments before the assault of neo-classical sweeping.


All of this and more can be found in Yngwie’s “Overture” playthrough. I assume by the title that the song contains the leitmotifs that reoccur throughout Relentless (the 2010 album that I’ve never heard, not the book from a few years later that I’ve never read), and those motifs are “Yngwie sounding like fucking Yngwie.” Never stop, good sir. The world needs a hero such as you.

If you want to see these riffs unleashed live, alongside similar six-string assaults by Uli Jon Roth, Gary Hoey, and Bumblefoot, the Guitar Gods tour is burning down a city near you…. assuming you live near a city that its coming to.

Source: Guitar World

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  • Sloppy as fuck.

    • We’re not talking about your moms vagina today

  • That fat hack is so full of himself, and does nothing but sweep his scalloped turd strat then poop out on his changes and timing. Nice face at the end. What a fat piece of shit. Give Lemmy his soul so he can live longer, and rid the earth of this egomaniac cockfuck.

  • Yngwie is a god but this was awful.

  • Yngwie has inexplicably morphed into that sad old guy at Guitar Center playing the same sloppy A minor sweep arpeggio over and over again.

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