Exclusive Playthrough: Madball Guitarist Mitts is “Born Strong”

Last week, New York Hardcore stalwarts Madball released Hardcore Lives, which I’m assuming is pronounced to mean that hardcore is alive… but maybe it’s the other version of “lives.” Perhaps it’s a concept album: 15 short stories about the lives of various kids in the scene, their trials and daily drudgery. Like, one chapter is about someone trying to go to law school but has to drop out to support a their young child. And another one is about a person who wakes up every day missing another finger, but doesn’t know how it’s happening, and on day 11 his penis is gone.


Nope, just looked up a video interview and it’s the first pronunciation. Oh well. But hey, that won’t stop you from enjoying this playthrough of Madball’s new song, “Born Strong,” performed by the band’s guitarist, Mitts.

Hardcore Lives was released in Europe on June 27th, except in the UK and France where it drops on July 7th. In North America it’ll come out July 4th for digital and July 8th on physical media. Order a  European copy at Nuclear Blast’s webstore, or preorder the North American one here.

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  • I can’t take a musician waring a Nike’s shirt seriously… am I shallow? You gotta look cool when you play guitar.

    • Who gives a shit about the shirt!?

      • Dude, what’s with you not being psyched about the shirt?

      • I totally care. In the same way I notice about what color instruments folks play, I think aesthetics important.

    • Looks like a USA soccer jersey–apparently his patriotic playthrough performance did little to help the Americans in the match against Belgium yesterday though.

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