HAKEN Release “Jazzfinity” FOUND OBJECTS Band Playthrough

Much like the rest of us, it would appear as though Haken is also getting creative with how they spend their time in isolation. I really think that this current period of time is going to inspire a lot of musicians to get super creative with their art since there is NOTHING else to do.


Haken are no strangers to creating super innovative soundscapes and textures, but I think that this tune might take the cake. Whoever thought that cooking spices and baskets could make such a pleasant rhythm section? Whoever knew that trombones and trumpets could weave their way so seamlessly into a metal band’s sound without sounding shoehorned?

Enter jazzy Haken.

Oh, and since Haken recently had to cancel their touring schedule, they have a GoFundMe up right now that you can donate to.

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