Whitechapel’s “Our Endless War” Guitar Playthrough Is Not Endless, Is in Fact only 4:24

When I tuned in to watch a playthrough of Whitechapel’s “Our Endless Warr,” I was unbelievably disappointed to see no Warr guitar at all. It’s just Alex Wade with a normal 7-string. Talk about false advertising. Not only that, but he’s picking all the guitar parts. I mean, I know you can play a Warr with a pick, but let’s be honest: they’re made to be tapped on. What a waste of money to buy a Warr and then just pick all your parts.


It’s almost like they wrote these riffs on a guitar and then integrated the Warr at the last minute to dupe the millions of Warr guitar fanatics who will buy anything with a touch instrument on it. It may have catapulted Whitechapel into the Billboard top 10, but at what cost?

Source: Guitar World


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  • Heh…

  • I love whitehapel.

  • A six-string strat version of that git would rule.

  • I guess you don’t want your playing to be TOO tight

  • good article but its too bad you didn’t fill us in on what you meant by false advertising or maybe tell a little more about alex wades affiliation with warr guitars.

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