Here’s a New Slipknot Drum Cam Video For You to Argue About

Last week, when we ran a column praising the talents of Slipknot’s young new drummer Jay Weinberg, our comments sections ate up a collective shitstorm of “this writer is clearly biased” to “hail j03y” to “this guy isn’t as g00d as jo3y” etc. Which is fine, Joey was in a band that meant a lot to so many people for a long time! Just not to me.


And like I said, I stood and watched the band’s entire set at Heavy Montreal and my opinion about the band didn’t change 1iota. But Jay Weinberg definitely held my attention – he just looks so excited to be up there! Despite his adrenaline and the amount of stuff going on around him (within an insane, pyrotechnic-filled stage show), he seemed so loose, every groove effortless.

There’s a new drum cam clip of him ripping through “Metabolic” for you guys to fight over. Jay or Joey? Volume quality is pretty bad, but the clip is still cool:

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.