TESSERACT – Guitarist/Producer Acle Kahney Teaches How to Achieve a TesseracT-Like Bass Tone


Using the tracks from the recently live-recorded version of “Hexes,” TesseracT guitarist/producer Acle Kahney walks us through how he dials in Amos Williams’s gritty and growly bass tone. Though the excerpt above is only a few minutes long, the whole mix tutorial clocks in around 40 minutes and is chock-full of tips you may not have considered for your own bass tone crafting, such as the following:

  • General EQ problem areas [Acle] always address[es]
  • Multiband compression to tame resonance and hi mid clankyness (fret buzz etc) to help it sit in the mix
  • [Acle] talk[s] about an ancient, go to distortion plugin [he’s] used in [his] bass chain for 10 years
  • Compression and side chain compression
  • Adding distortion in parallel to enhance the growl/piano like quality of the bass

Also included in the tutorial is an Axe-Fx II preset should you be into that sorta thing. For more info (including how to purchase), visit AcleKahney.com.

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