Bounce Along to this CHON Drum Playthrough

Although I’m not a huge CHON fan, when I saw them play a few months back, I was impressed by their ability to make such note-y music so catchy and upbeat, like a poppy Animals as Leaders. And for a good portion of their set, I was watching drummer Nathan Camarena and bassist Drew Panisek, to try and learn about what the rhythm section of this band does in order to make the guitarists’ incredibly note-y parts have a musical core.


It’s probably an uncommonly held opinion, but I actually enjoy the rhythm section of this band more than the guitars. Nathan’s parts are often surprisingly simple and groove-based, and he keeps a good pocket with Drew.

Get a taste for yourself, with a nice quality drum cam performance of the track “Story” from the band’s recent performance at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana, California, courtesy Cayem Interviews:

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