Exclusive Playthrough: Tiger Flowers Drummer Dan Miccio and His “Batesian Mimicry”

The new Tiger Flowers LP is a hot slab of fury sealed into music. Yup, even the digital version is a slab. Not sure how they did that. Probably with extra fury. It congeals or something. I’m no scientician. And Dan Miccio is the rhythmic backbone of the band’s intensity. He sent us this playthrough of “Batesian Mimicry” as video evidence should he ever be called in to a court of law.


Dead Hymns is the aforementioned new Tiger Flowers record, which is out now on Melotov Records. You can pick it up here if you’re so inclined.


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  • who the fuck is this band and guy!?!?!?!?!?! sorry but is time to help good bands to be noticed not this none sense post core music.

  • This album is amazing.

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