Archspire Guitarists Scuttle Deftly Around the Fretboard in: “Lucid Collective Somnambulation”

Hey, remember that unreal finger-blasting Archspire drum playthrough that I posted a little while ago? I’m sure this is a complete shocker, but the band’s guitarists Dean Lamb and Tobi Morelli are no slouches either. But for those of you demanding visual evidence, I’ve included their performance of “Lucid Collective Somnambulation” below.


Here’s what Lamb had to say about the song:

In this video, we wanted to showcase the gear we love, and the music we have been inspired to write. This song includes plenty of two-hand tapping, fast sweeping, and fast picked picked riffs, so if you like your guitar techniques at extreme speeds, we hope you dig this track! Stay Tech!

The band’s new LP The Lucid Collective is available now via Season of Mist.

Source: Guitar World

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  • They sure can play, but the songwriting is awful. Just another boring wanky tech death band trying to show off rather than write something memorable.

    • that’s pretty cool. Let’s hear your song.

      • Yes because criticisms are only valid if the critic is better than the one being criticized.

  • i love the opening riff (and the rest for that matter)

  • Does it bother the shit out of anhone else that one guy has a 7-string and the other has an 8? I mean, nothing wrong with that, just makes me twitch

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