Exclusive Playthrough: Torrential Downpour is Torrential Downrich in 8-String Odd Meter Insanity

We have a soft spot for our New Jersey compatriots at Gear Gods HQ (except for Trey, because he lives in California and can go choke on a mission-style burrito), but Torrential Downpour need no favors to turn heads. The band’s mix of brainfuck prog oddity and eye-gouging aggression has garnering the band a groundswell of critical acclaim, now that the press has had a chance to hear the entirety of the band’s new album, Truth Knowledge Vision. I’d maybe throw some commas into that title, but it’s legit as hell regardless.


Watching the songs performed on actual instruments does nothing to actually make sense of the funhouse mirror maze that is their arrangements, but it sure is a good time. Here’s the band’s guitarist, Jason Volpe, jumping his fretting fingers like a pack of rabid monkeys over the band’s new track “Bring the Stars Down.”

Truth Knowledge Vision can be summoned by evoking the dark arts of Bandcamp, Amazon, or iTunes. You can hear a full stream of the LP below. If the band sells enough copies they’ll release a deluxe edition with punctuation.

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  • And then came the shitty pop punk part.

    • Aside from that not sounding like pop punk, and aside from that actually turning the song into something interesting and experimental, the fuck you got against pop punk?

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