Lucas Mann may be wearing an “I heart haters” hat, but I’ve got to assume that his “hey it’s just me playing my guitar live over a backing track, and now I’ll play the riffs isolated to a metronome, and now here’s a lesson” video is in response to the media criticism over allegations of Rings of Saturn‘s half-speed tracking and guitar pro abuse.


Well in the later case it’s hard to even call it an allegation, since the midi-ness was so blatant that I have to imagine it was done to intentionally feed the trolls. In fact that’s my view on a lot of the “controversy” surrounding the band: it sure as hell herds traffic in the Rings of Saturn’s direction. I honestly think it’s a brilliant bit of marketing. You’ve got to be famous for something in the overcrowded deathcore scene, so grab the notoriety any way you can.

Personally I don’t really care what they do. They’re successful enough and people like their music, so good for them. Modern tech death is the most processed, overdubbed, punched-in, quantized, sound-replaced, and generally “assembled” (with obvious exceptions) genre of rock music that nit-picking over how fake is too fake seems to be a moot point. The live performances reveal which bands can really play. So don’t you want to check out Rings Of Saturn on tour? Like I said, great marketing.

So I don’t even know if Mann and co should be concerned about proving their chops to the online commenting masses, but this video shows that the dude can play. Can he nail 100% of all their licks perfectly at a show? Who knows? It’s not like any band is note perfect anyway. Could Loomis/Abasi/Muenzner/Hauch/etc play the parts in this video more cleanly? I really don’t care. Metal isn’t supposed to be a technical pissing contest. I sure as hell can’t play this shit.

And oh yeah, gear. I hadn’t heard of Etherial Guitars previously, but they’re a new one to watch it seems.

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